Sunday, January 20, 2013

Elizabeth Sheffield

Hi Nicola and Joanne for helping me with blogging issues. I leave in Ct with my family and four Welsh Terriers.  I have been stitching since young age and also Knitting and Rug Hooking is my passion. I'm really exicited to join the group of stitchers.  Here is some of my progress on Elizabeth Sheffield. I'm using Vintage Exampler and silks. I have supply  of silks for my SDW the German Band Sampler and waiting for my Lakeside Linen Vintage Buttercream to arrive from In Stitches.  I have also kitted Dorothy Walpole, AAWFAA.

 Happy Stitching



  1. Frances - I found your blog on the SL blog - We love a lot of the same things - I am a rug hooker too - I love your BBD rug - beautiful and I love Elizabeth Sheffield. In my other life - I showed dogs for 25 years and while I never owned a Welsh - I do admire them. Hope you enjoy the SL blog. Melody

  2. Thanks Melody, I love checking out your blog and your beautifull rugs and knitting. I have very busy life with working and taking care my 91 year old mother full time. Take care and keep hooking, stitching and kinitting. We both like same things.